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CrossFit Summerville rolled up the big garage doors on January 1st, 2011 to become the first CrossFit gym in Summerville, South Carolina. From the outset, the goal was never to be the biggest or the “baddest” gym but to be the place where people can come and learn the “secrets” to lifelong fitness. Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to share with others those secrets and earn from them as well.  As we continue down the path, we continue to value the relationships we create and build with our athletes. Join us and let’s make the journey a little more interesting as we go!



Kim Inman
Kim Inman

I moved from Ohio to Summerville, South Carolina in the early 1980s. I did not play sports as a child nor was I much into physical fitness then.

When I met Ryan (my future husband), he was a personal trainer and tried to get me interested in working out. I tried it and once I learned what I was doing, even came to like it. I would talk friends into giving it a shot. A couple of times they would mention that I should help people work out for a living (so I guess I was doing something right:)

I did. I became a personal trainer at the local YMCA, a position I held for ten years. I found I was skilled in helping people find the courage to do the most difficult move in any workout program – walking through the door the first time. I loved being able to watch friends increase their fitness level and watch their confidence soar.

A friend talked me into trying a free introductory CrossFit class. I was immediately hooked! I loved the variety and the camaraderie. I took the CrossFit Level 1 instructor class and became CF L1 certified in 2010. I decided to open my own box – CrossFit Summerville: The Anvil in the fall of that year.

One of my favorite things to do is watch our members exceed all expectations.  Meeting so many different people from so many different walks of life has given me a chance to hear their stories and is one of the benefits of this job. CrossFit has changed my life, made me a better person, and allowed me to watch as others become better, too. Being a coach, with all that entails, is one of the joys of my life.

The other joy of my life is my husband Ryan and our four fantastic children, two daughters and two sons.

What would you dare to try if you knew you couldn’t fail? Try a free introductory session, or for the experienced CrossFitter, join us for a regularly scheduled WOD. Our box is filled with loud music, high fives, encouragement, and lots of options for success.

Raina Colton
Raina Colton

Bio Coming Soon!

Marc Hankins
Marc Hankins

43 years old, Married and father of 3

9 years CrossFit experience

6 years coaching experience

CrossFit L1

CrossFit Weightlifting cert.


19 years in the fire service currently serving as a Battalion Chief

2008 Scott Firefighter Challenge World championship competitor in relay

2010 Scott Firefighter Challenge World championship competitor in tandem

2013 American Masters Gold medalist 105 kg lifter

2014 American Masters Bronze medalist 105 KG lifter and qualifier for Masters Pan Am games

2014 Police/Firefighter Can/Am games best lifter

I love CrossFit and the community that comes with it.  The family atmosphere, support network, and friendly competition make it the best fitness experience anywhere.  Family, motorcycles, CrossFit, and good beer are how I spend my time.

Ryan Inman
Ryan Inman

I have been doing CrossFit since 2010 when a friend suggested my wife and I try it out.  As I watched my sweat drip onto the floor while I was exhausted and in the prone position, I immediately fell in love.  I found a competitive outlet that didn’t risk injuring my body like other sports.  As a married, 47 year old father of four, I could not afford to be injured and out of work but I still missed the feeling you get when you are giving your best in a competitive sport.  The empirical approach to fitness that CrossFit provides satisfied my mental desire for something beyond a mind numbing routine on another circuit at the gym.  I enjoy discovering the weaknesses in my own body and its function and working to improve my performance in all areas of athletic performance.

I was born in CA but grew up for most of my life in the Midwest and played football and wrestled in clubs and for my schools.  I have always been involved in sports and athletics and love to try any new sports.  After school, I joined the Army and spent 4 years doing typical ‘bro’ workouts of squats, curls & benching.  This continued after I left the Army but I felt like I lost my athletic ability as I became more immobile.  CrossFit introduced me to the wealth of knowledge that exists out there to fix the problems I had and retrain my body to perform better.  I enjoy sharing with others the ways I have learned to fix my bad habits and keep myself healthy.

Betsy Jonas
Betsy Jonas

I have been a competitive athlete since the age of 5.   My athletic background gave me the opportunity to swim at the collegiate level earning honors as a conference champion and induction to the University of Vermont hall of fame.   After college, I stayed active doing the normal gym “thing” and was involved teaching aerobics, step etc.

A good friend suggested I try CrossFit in January 2011.   I was hooked from the 1st WOD.   Fast forward about a year later and I was able to turn my passion for functional fitness and helping people into reality by earning my level 1 certification and coaching at CrossFit Summerville.    I love working with athletes on their fitness and health goals whether it is to shed some weight, improve mobility or be a better athlete.

When I am not at the box, I love spending time with my husband (also an avid CrossFitter) and two kids Lauren and Jack.    My kids are taking me on their sports journey as they keep busy in gymnastics and swimming.   They will even make an appearance at the Anvil for an occasional WOD.   I guess the competitive spirit runs in the Jonas blood…….

I look forward to seeing and helping my fellow athletes at the Anvil for the next WOD.

Cory Miller
Cory Miller

I started running in college, ran my first 5k when I was 20 and haven’t stopped exercising since. I coached cross country, softball and basketball when I taught middle school and then started personal training and teaching boot camp classes to adults. Then I found CrossFit and knew I found a new love! I started my CrossFit journey at Carolina CrossFit in 2012 before I moved back to Summerville and joined The Anvil family. This box is my favorite place to be and I love our CrossFit community here. My goal is to inspire greatness in all our athletes and to help our younger teenage athletes learn the importance of functional fitness and overall health!

Brianna Smeriglio
Brianna Smeriglio

My name is Brianna Smeriglio and I’m a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. I have been doing Crossfit for 6 years and decided to pursue my passion even further by becoming a CF-L1 trainer in August 2016. I love supporting my fellow athletes in the box and helping them achieve things they never thought they’d be able to do. I have an incredible interest in nutrition and I believe it is the foundation for athletic success. I look forward to working with and alongside of all the people who call CrossFit Summerville: The Anvil their home.

Teresa Bulford
Teresa Bulford

I began my yoga journey in 2011.  I was immediately drawn to the practice because of the deep mind body connection required each time I stepped on the mat. Yoga has created a sense of calm and ease in my life and has taught me to love myself just the way I am. I decided to become a yoga teacher with the hope of sharing my love of this practice with others. I believe that anyone can practice yoga, no matter age or fitness level.

I am a mother of 3 little girls ages 12, 11 and 8. My husband is the head girls basketball coach at Pinewood Preparatory School and also a teacher and assistant athletic director. We have lived in Summerville for the last 15 years.

I currently teach a variety of weekly yoga classes ranging from gentle, slow flow and meditation, beginners, vinyasa and power vinyasa. I  currently teach at the downtown Summerville YMCA (3 classes per week), the YMCA at the Ponds (2 classes per week), Nexton (2 classes per week), Crossfit Summerville (2 classes per week), Coastal Coffee Roasters, Healing Hara and miscellaneous private classes and students.

Marlene Cuggy
Marlene Cuggy

I have been in the health and fitness industry and practicing Yoga for over 20 years. I began my journey to become a

Yoga Instructor at the Integral Holy Cow Yoga Center in Charleston, SC where I completed the 200 hour teacher

training course. This was followed by attending several workshops with various world class teachers such as Manju

Jois, Cyndi Lee, Doug Swenson, Paul Grilly, Stephanie Keach and Bryan Kest. I am currently working to complete

the requirements for Teacher training at the 500-hour level.

I recently completed a Yoga Warrior Teacher Trainer Certification with Dharma Richards Director of Yoga

Warriors to work with persons involved in high stress environments. (This includes first responders, veterans,

military personnel, caregivers and family members.)

My personal journey with Yoga has enabled me to share with others the many healing benefits of Yoga. As an

instructor I have seen firsthand how Yoga benefits people of all levels of fitness. Without exception people with

physical limitations, seniors, plus size bodies and those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders,

addictions or other emotional/behavioral problems have benefited from Yoga.


Physical fitness has been a lifelong passion for me which started when I joined the track and swim team in junior

high school. As an adult I participated in aerobics, jogging, kick boxing and Tae Kwon Do. In 1996 I discovered my

true passion when I began taking Yoga classes in Georgia with Dot Landerman a 75 year old lady who inspired

others by example.


Authorized Yoga Warriors Instructor

Yoga Teacher 200 Hr E-RYT

Reiki 1st Degree

Pre Natal Yoga

Kids Yoga

PI-Yo Certified (Gold)

AFPA Functionl Fitness Specialist

Silver Sneakers

YMCA Active Older Adult Program Director

IFTA Personal Trainer

IFTA Water Aerobics

IFTA Senior Fitness

IFTA Barre

IFTA Group Fitness

WERQ Certification

American Red Cross Instructor/Trainer.

YMCA Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer.

Cycle Instructor/Spin

Zumba, Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning

Turbo Kick Certified.

Red Belt Tye Kwon Do.

Ordained Minister

Notary Public

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