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CrossFit at the Anvil – My First 3 Months

On Nov 1, 2016 my good friend, Pete Wilber, invited me to “Bring a Friend Week” at The Anvil. The first thing to realize is for me, having Pete invite me, was an immediate obstacle to overcome. Pete is a tall, lean, athletic person who has been posting pictures on Facebook doing Olympic style lifts, climbing ropes 20 ft in the air, running 5k races in times it takes me to run a mile. For him to say “come on, you can do it” made me wonder if he lived in a realistic world.

Regardless, because I’m 5’10” and had reached a weight of 277 lbs. I am 51 years old. I find it difficult to bend down and pick up a coin off the ground or even tie my shoes. My knees and shoulders normally pop and hurt as well as my hips, I have very little flexibility. I have an old humerus injury to my left arm, repaired with surgery and a metal plate, which never returned to 100% strength. I have High Blood Pressure. The list (or excuses) goes on and on. I wasn’t your model of fitness, to say the least. I decided to give it a shot anyway.

The two workouts I attended, during the Bring a Friend week, were Partner WODs. Yes, not only do you have to overcome physical obstacles, there’s a whole new language to learn. WOD is Work Out of the Day. This was a great place for me to start because immediately, I was not trying to do something alone. I had a partner and also a coach for the session. Perfect set up for me.

We went over what the workout would be and my first thought was… I can’t do any of those exercises. No problem! The coach gave me a scaled option for every exercise. That allows me to participate in workouts with folks on all levels of fitness, while scaling the exercise to my current fitness level. The goal over time will be to go thru different scaling options until I can perform the Rx (prescriptive) exercise.

After the 2 Bring a Friend workouts, I decided to join as a member. I asked what the next steps were. I was surprised and pleased to hear that the next steps were to assign a coach for me to do personal training sessions e.g. a fundamentals course. The goal is to insure you learn how to do each movement properly to avoid injury. This was encouraging as previously I talked with 2 of my younger brothers, who live in Georgia, about Cross Fit. They both shared that they had tried and both were injured and didn’t continue. Their programs did not include the fundamentals course. Another big plus for working out at The Anvil.

Next step, meet your fundamentals coach. It keeps getting better. I was fortunate to be assigned my personal trainer, Brianna Smeriglio. This young lady has a gift. You can tell she really cares about your quest to make life changes. She supports, compliments, cheers when warranted while providing the needed constructive criticism that leaves you with the feeling that “We’re a team, trying to improve me!” And not only is she a coach for the fundamentals session, she’s my coach for life!

After graduating from the fundamentals course, I now participate in 2-3 daily WODs per week and fill in 2 other days playing Racquetball. I like mixing up the workouts, which the WODs do in themselves, but I also like mixing the times for the WODs. That allows me to work with several different coaches. So far I’ve had Raina, Kim, Ryan and Scott as WOD coaches. What a great group of people! Everyone seems to have the same mentality of “how can they team up with me, to help me accomplish my goals”. It’s not just the coaches either. Every person I have met at the Anvil is friendly, encouraging, supportive, etc. How can you fail with a support group like this? As I shared in a review on Facebook. It’s the “people” that make any group, organization or community successful. It’s the “people” that make The Anvil a great place to WOD.

Pete Wilber is my motivator behind the scenes. We text daily keeping each other accountable to our workout and diet goals. I would recommend having a friend or family member to do this with, holding each other accountable. This is just as important as everything else. There have been many days where I may have skipped getting some type of exercise in but Pete would simply ask me “what do I have planned today for exercise?” I would then commit to doing something and he would ask later, how did it go? That will hold you accountable.

Changing my diet and increasing mobility has made a lot of the pains due to tight tendons in joints go away. I have quit taking the NSAIDs (Aleve & Ibuprofen) that I was taking daily.  I just had a full round of blood work performed and only need to make some tweeks on my diet to increase my HDL and lower LDL cholesterol. We’re going to discuss getting off high blood pressure meds at my next 6 month checkup. I’ll probably have to get different clothes soon but that’s money well spent. I am down 25 lbs in my first 3 months.

My muscles often hurt but it’s a good hurt. It’s a feeling of being “Alive” and knowing you’re doing good stuff to your body. I have a lot of life left to live and want to make sure I’m physically able to enjoy it as I approach retirement. I mean, what good would it be to work hard all your life to retire and then not be physically fit enough to enjoy it? However, I’m more focused right now on a short term goal of seeing where I am in the next 3 months.

In Health & Fitness,

Bob Timm

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